This leader in next mile wireless and fiber optic technologies was already a client of my agency when I joined the team. As much as they appreciated their original presence, they were ready to go with a more modern approach to their branding. I was a part of the team that took this strong brand and made it bolder. We helped organize their company into three main sections and paired new colors with their memorable yellow to distinguish their separate services. The first step was a brand new, updated website. Myself and another designer took on homepage design options. From there, I expanded the new feel throughout the rest of the site's design. New photography of the team in action was part of our vision. I assisted in directing three separate, on-site shoots. These photos would go on to be used in printed marketing materials as well.



The creation and maintaining of fiber optic networks is a crucial part of what Celerity offers. I designed the site to visually reflect their work for viewers to experience as they move through the site. Bold colors and custom photography are also featured.